Monday, November 17, 2008

For the love of...

My son. God love him. Mommy's boy. He's great - he is. I love him so very much. But sometimes (back me up here, moms) no matter how much I love and adore him, he makes me want to slam my head into the wall. Hard. Repeatedly.

My lack of posting lately has not been due to the lack of inspiration, but rather the lack of sleep that has been occurring here at the Blecha household. You see, Halloween weekend Mr. Jericho got his "big bed". The first couple of nights were great. He went to bed, slept all night and we were so very proud of how well he'd handled the transition. But then something magical happened - he realized about 5 nights in that this new bed didn't have walls or restraints of any kind...

Sweet lord. It's terrible. Just like I wanted to shove his binky in his mouth after we first took it away, I want to stick him back in his crib, just for one good night's sleep. Just to illustrate my desperation - we threw the crib out... I've even considered buying a new one just for a few winks. A couple hundred dollars for a little piece of mind? Sounds good to me.

Don't get me wrong - I knew it was going to be a process, but "process" seems to be an understatement. First off, he climbs out of bed repeatedly every night. The shortest amount of time it's taken us to get him to go to sleep is 45 minutes. The longest is 2 hours. And this is when he's tired. It's not like we're lying him down wide awake.

Second little issue: After he finally GETS to sleep, he likes to wake up with the chickens. You think I'm exaggerating. Last Friday, he woke up at 4:30. Let me rephrase that - he wakes up BEFORE the chickens. No bird of fowl is even up that early. Even the chickens are yelling at him to go back to bed. And since he won't stay in his bed, I just have to get up with him, because by the time I fight with him to stay in bed, I'm wide awake anyway.

Third problem: Since he wakes up at 4:30, he wants to nap at 9:00 (his normal nap time is around noon). This throws off his schedule for the entire day.

Then we finally make it through the (very long) day and one more night of putting him to bed for an hour and a half and start again the next day.

This mommy is exhausted. And she would love an words of advice that anyone has. Don't get me wrong - we made it through the binky, I'm sure we'll make it through this. But for now, I'm exhausted. This mommy's signing out.